Friday, December 31, 2004

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Newsflash: West Bank Evacuation Beginning???

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As was noted in an earlier Israpundit post, the Jerusalem Post had an article today...

Olmert (Vice-Prime-Minister) unveils 'Disengagement 2' plan - Israel will need to carry out a large-scale withdrawal from the West Bank after next year's initial disengagement from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria...

and Ruth Matar of Women in Green released an email today (also in an earlier Israpundit post)...

Sharon's "Disengagement" Plan aims to make the Biblical lands of Gaza (Gush Katif) and Northern Samaria (West Bank north of Jerusalem) "Judenrein" [removing all Jews]. In fact, on June 2 of this year, Prime Minister Sharon was quoted as saying "that there will be no Jews in Gaza or Northern Shomron by the end of 2005"...

Here's what's happening TODAY in Gush Shiloh, the Northern Shomron (Samaria a.k.a. West Bank) area between Jerusalem and Ariel

As of today, all Israeli army, border police, and police units have disappeared from the area! While most normally monitored and controlled army and police posts have been abandoned, a few are being manned by grey-uniformed anonymous troops, who are also patroling inside the Israeli towns. They appear to be familiarizing themselves with the area and inventorying neighborhoods.

Local residents find this a chilling reminder of the Rabin/Peres government years. During that time, the government 'pressured' the residents by withdrawing security forces (intentionally reducing security and safety), removing pre-positioned weapons depots from the towns and confiscating resident's personal and community weapons on the slightest (and sometimes no) pretext. The government also prepared a special Removal Force, which was grey uniformed and anonymous (wearing no insignia or identification).

Is today a training exercise, a permanent redeployment, or a harbinger of things to come of a secular Israeli government turning it's back on it's own people, Zionism, and the promises of the G-d of Israel about the holy Land of Israel?

Psalm 20: ...May He support you from Zion...Some rely upon chariots and some upon horses, but we rely upon and invoke the Name of the Lord our G-d. They bend and fall, but we rise and stand firm...


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