Wednesday, December 15, 2004

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Mystical Places - Safed, The Mikveh of the Holy Ari

In the northern mountains of Israel is the city of mystics, Safed (aka Tzfat). On the side of the mountain by the city stands an ancient cemetery filled with the burial place of ancient prophets and mystics.

Aug-21 081

At the beginning of the cemetery stands a small building with a sign...

Aug-21 059

The Mikveh of the Holy Ari

(The ritual bath of the holy rabbi and kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzchok Luria, known as the Holy Lion)

As water flows from the rocks on top of the mountain into the bath...

Aug-21 069

where it is said none who enter will die without returning to their creator in repentence

Aug-21 068

Many miracles are recounted by those who come to purify themselves in it's freezing waters.


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