Wednesday, December 22, 2004

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Kabbalah Humor! (and other neat links)

The Blogosphere is really an amazing place. Following one blog's reference to another, and Blogrolls (the blog lists many blogs maintain, mine's over there to the right, scroll down a bit to see it --->>> ) has led me to many interesting blogs.

Here's some favorite new ones from today (that have now entered my blogroll):

Kabbalah Humor! All of the mysticism, none of the seriousness...

Jewish Rites of Exorcism - Welcome to an adventure of the macabre and mysterious. You are about to embark on a trail that will lead to a place of awe and wonder. Find the very first post, by clicking on the first archive link and follow the adventures of a man who began his quest with great zeal, but little knowledge or experience; and ended up in a struggle with one of the greatest forces of evil known to man.

Kabbalah Discount Center - We provide Kabbalah products, such as the red strings you've seen Puff Daddy, Madonna, and Britney Spears wear, for a fraction of the retail price. Kabbalah Discount, Kabbalah for Cheap, Kabbalah on Lay Away, Irregular Amulets, Kabbalah Bourbon, We hope to one day have it all, until then you'll just have to make do with what we have.

Jewish / Mystical Music

Blog in D minor - Weblog of NYC based Jewish musician, with reviews of Jewish religious and mystical music (the Hassidic Rock genre?)

Serious Quotes, The Holiest Site

A Simple Jew - Jewish thoughts and quotes, that are by no means as simple as they seem.

HaMikdash - Discussions by the decendents of Aaron the Priest of the site of the holy temple in Jerusalem


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