Thursday, December 02, 2004

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Iran on Israel's Northern Border?

One of the more absurd situations in Israel is on the Lebanese border. Since Israel withdrew from Lebanon and the U.N. 'certified' the border, and the Lebanese (puppet) government and army refused to deploy to southern Lebanon, Hizbollah has itself built border posts, positions and watch towers (somewhat in a mirror of Israel's on the other side).

John Batchelor is a New York radio personality who is currently visiting Israel. During a visit to the Lebanese border yesterday, he took a careful look at the Hizbollah terrorist guard manning a watch tower north of Israel's border. He noticed something quite unusual.

The Hizbollah terrorist was wearing an Iranian army uniform! Now, we've heard rumors and news reports in the past that simply say 'Iran is supporting Hizbollah and shipping weapons through Syria'. But it's quite different to hear generic reports, which some could say are Israeli propaganda, and quite another to actually spot the terrorists in Iranian uniforms.

And Iran is (G-d forbid!) becoming a nuclear power???

Hashem Yishmo!

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