Tuesday, December 07, 2004

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A Child's Vision of the End of Days

“Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai said...when it will be close to the days of Moshiach, even children who will be in the world at that time will find secrets of wisdom, and will know from them ends [of exile] and calculations [of redemption], and at that time [Hashem] will reveal [them] to everyone." (Zohar Vayeira 118a) [quote from the site below]

I just read this online today and found it of great interest. The source/site is usually reliable, but of course there's no guarantee of authenticity of material on the 'net...

The sequence of events that are described herein come from a precocious six year-old Jewish boy living in the greater New York City area. They were recorded by his father from conversations they have had over several months of this year (2004 on the secular calendar).

The father emphasizes that almost none of this information was told or taught to the child; on the contrary, the child often made statements pertaining to the coming of Moshiach (the Messiah) the likes of which the father had never heard; the child's father suspected that they were simply the results of a colorful imagination. However, when he began to research the matter, he was astonished to discover that in fact what the child said was to be found in the words of the prophets or other ancient Torah sources!

Powerful prophecy, read it here...A Child's Vision of Redemption

Note the dates in the article are given according to the Jewish Hebrew Calendar. 'Menachem Av 5765' equates to August, 2005.


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