Thursday, December 30, 2004

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And Troubles Accelerate, Please Respond...

The Jerusalem Post writes...

Olmert unveils 'Disengagement 2' plan to the 'Post'

Israel will need to carry out a large-scale withdrawal from the West Bank after next year's initial disengagement from the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria, whether or not a viable peace partner emerges on the Palestinian side, Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Ehud Olmert said Wednesday.

"There is no option of sitting and doing nothing. Israel's interest requires a disengagement on a wider scale than what will happen as part of the current disengagement plan," Olmert told The Jerusalem Post.

He declined to describe the extent of a second "disengagement plan" but said that it offers the only clear and realistic alternative to a massive pullback from all the territories as a result of the internationally backed road-map peace plan and could become a useful solution to a future impasse in negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

A close ally and confidant of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Olmert has often been the first in the government to go public with future policy.

in response, Ruth Matar from Women in Green writes (as posted on Israpundit)...

Ariel Sharon is Ready to Attack G-d's Covenant with the Jewish People
Thursday, December 30, 2004

Dear Friends,

Sharon's "Disengagement" Plan aims to make the Biblical lands of Gaza (Gush Katif) and Northern Samaria "Judenrein". In fact, on June 2 of this year, Prime Minister Sharon was quoted as saying "that there will be no Jews in Gaza or Northern Shomron by the end of 2005". Shortly thereafter I heard him say on Israel radio: "the Disengagement Plan is the most important item on our agenda, AND WITH G-D'S HELP WE SHALL SUCCEED".

What incredible chutzpa! Sharon well knows that the Almighty promised his Holy Land to the Jewish People and that this Promise certainly includes Judea, Samaria and Gaza. His "Disengagement" Plan is directly against the Word of G-d.

Let us again make this clear once and for all! Gaza is Jewish Land promised by Hashem in the Bible as an everlasting inheritance to the Jewish People. Jews have lived in Gaza ever since they crossed into the Promised Land in the great Exodus from Egypt, approximately 3,270 years ago. It was, in fact, apportioned to the Tribe of Judah (Joshua 15:47 and Judges 1:18) as part of its eternal patrimony. (See the map of TERRITORIES OF THE TWELVE TRIBES, Stone Edition of the Tanach, page 2,045 appendix D, map 2)

The battle against Sharon's Disengagement Plan (the plan to throw out thousands of Jews from their homes in Biblical Gaza and Samaria) is becoming very intense. The slogan "With Love We Will Be Victorious" and the fact that 200,000 Jews were able to form a human chain from Gush Katif to the Western Wall, did not influence the Sharon government in any form or fashion. Sharon continued, with his bulldozer behavior, to advance his plan by trying to push through the Knesset draconian measures, such as:

* Three years of imprisonment of persons who act together to oppose disengagement, even if one of them is a minor.

* Five years of imprisonment if such a meeting included a person with a weapon, even just a pen knife or a nail scissor.

* The building of additional prisons capable of holding thousands of objectors to the Disengagement Plan.

* Special training camps to train police, soldiers and other forces to deal with Jews who in any way resist expulsion.

* A request from the Finance Ministry for a large allocation of funds, to buy special protective equipment for the forces which take part in this evacuation of Jews. How about protective equipment for those about to be forcibly dragged out of their homes?

* If there is any resistance whatsoever to being forcibly evicted from one's home, such persons lose any chance for compensation for their house and/or farm, and, in addition, forfeit the ownership of their personal possessions (furniture, appliances, clothes etc.)

The major slogan of the Gush Katif residents "With Love We Will Be Victorious" has proven to be ineffective against the hatred of the Sharon Government, the Left, and the leftist controlled media. This is what finally prompted Pinchas Wallerstein, one of the leaders of the Yesha Council (Judea, Samaria and Gaza) to write an open letter calling for massive civil disobedience against the prospect of ethnic cleansing of Jews from Gaza and Samaria.

In addition, some residents of Gush Katif, mainly holocaust survivors, started a campaign to wear on their clothing an orange Star of David in order to shock people into realizing that there is a valid comparison between the Germans expelling Jews from their homes, and Sharon's proposed "Disengagement" Plan.

Immediately there was a tremendous and skillfully organized outcry against this campaign from the leftist media, claiming that the settlers were besmirching the memory of the Holocaust victims, and trying to compare the Sharon government to the Nazis.

Let me state right here that I will never compare my fellow Jews to the Nazis. The Arab enemies are today's Nazis! Those who are trying to push the "Disengagement" Plan down the throats of the Israeli People, are unwittingly helping this very enemy.

Both Abu Mazen and Marwan Barghouti boast in their campaign speeches that the Jews are fleeing from Gaza because of the successful Arab struggle against "Israeli occupation". In fact, Abu Mazen says that whereas Israel calls the Arab armed groups murderers, "we call them successful strugglers". Abu Mazen further says: "I will never turn guns on my own people"!

Please permit me to remind you once again of my background. I have written about this before, but my childhood experience is most relevant to this discussion. I was born in Wiener Neustadt, an ancient city in southern Austria. According to the Encyclopedia Judaica, Wiener Neustadt was founded in the year 1192. Jews lived in this city almost from the very beginning. In fact, there are gravestones in the Jewish Cemetery in Wiener Neustadt, which date from 1252 and 1261.

Our family lived in Wiener Neustadt until November 9, 1938, until Krystall Nacht, when Hitler's storm troopers forcibly evicted all Jews from their homes in this city. While violently dragging us out of our house, they severely beat my mother for not following orders quickly enough. Within a few days after November 9, the city of Wiener Neustadt was successfully cleansed of its Jewish population. The Germans boasted that now yet another city was completely Judenrein.

Many people feel that there cannot and should not be comparison between today's situation and the Holocaust, and that such comparison is sacrilegious and should not even be permitted. There is no plan, they say, by the Sharon government to put Jews into gas chambers!

However, if we're honest with ourselves, there are frightening similarities.

Sharon's "Disengagement" Plan aims to make the Biblical lands of Gush Katif and Northern Samaria "Judenrein". In fact, on June 2 of this year, Prime Minister Sharon was quoted as saying "that there will be no Jews in Gaza or Northern Shomron by the end of 2005". Just another way of saying that he promises that these areas will be "Judenrein".

Some unfortunate comparisons can be made:

Jews lived in Wiener Neustadt for hundreds of years before this city was made Judenrein by the Nazis. Jews have been living in Gaza for thousands of years, and now, Ariel Sharon aims to follow the example of the Germans and make the rebuilt Jewish communities of Gaza Judenrein.

(There are many examples of Jewish presence in Gaza starting from Biblical times, even though the Arabs have recently tried to erase such evidence in order to convince the world of their Big Lie, that they are the original inhabitants of the Holy Land.)

Another shameful example: Sharon has promised the Arabs, in an obscene and immoral gesture that the remains of Jews in Gaza be disinterred from their graves, thus making even the very soil Judenrein.

To my knowledge, the graves in the Jewish cemetery in Wiener Neustadt dating from 1252 and 1261 are untouched.

Finally, an important difference: GERMAN STORM TROOPERS dragged my family out of our home. Sharon plans to compel JEWISH SOLDIERS AND JEWISH POLICEMEN to do the same to their Jewish brethren.

In light of the above, I defy anyone to tell us Holocaust survivors that there are no similarities at all between November 9, 1938 (Kristall Nacht) and 2005, the planned expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif and Samaria. Having said all that, I can understand that some Holocaust survivors feel that the orange Jewish Star campaign should be abandoned. Former Knesset speaker Dov Shilansky (Likud), a Holocaust survivor himself, said that any comparison to the Holocaust must be avoided "if it will cause pain to even one survivor."

That is the reason why the Gush Katif Holocaust survivors abandoned the orange Star of David campaign. We will now instead wear orange scarves to identify with our Jewish brethren in Gaza.

The noose is definitely tightening around our necks! A big headline on page one in today's Jerusalem Post reads: OLMERT UNVEILS "DISENGAGEMENT PLAN 2" TO POST. Olmert says "There is no option of sitting and doing nothing. Israel's interest requires a Disengagement on a wider scale than what will happen as part of the current Disengagement Plan."

There you have it! Con-artist Sharon ultimately plans to abandon all of our Biblical Heartland, including the rest of Samaria and Judea, as well. We must understand that Olmert is the Vice-Premier of the Sharon government and a close ally and confidant of Ariel Sharon. He has often been the first in the government to go public with Sharon's future planned policy.

Further "Disengagement" is in Israeli's interest? To give up our G-d given Land and retreat behind Auschwitz borders? Have we learned nothing from the last Holocaust and 2,000 years of persecution?


Wake up and start fighting back!

What you can do for starters: visit our website and sign the PETITION AGAINST DISENGAGEMENT. Bring this Petition to the attention of President George W. Bush, Vice President Cheney, other government officials, your Senators, your Congressman, your family, your friends, and basically anyone you can think of. THIS IS THE END GAME. Don't put yourself in the position of subsequently having to state "but I didn't know". Because, now you do know that Israel's fate as a Jewish state is in your hands.

With Blessing and Love for Israel,

Ruth Matar


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