Sunday, November 14, 2004

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Jewish / Kabbalistic End Times Sites, News???

Suddenly, several Jewish / Kabbalistic end-times sites have poped up. It's not that end-times are not discussed in traditional Jewish religious literature, or that they are not discussed in classic biblical texts (such as the writings of the biblical prophets), or that there are not references in classical kabbalistic works, there are all the above. However, they have all generally been minor points or bits of side references.

For some, the side points are starting to move front and center.

"The Hassidim used to say: Mashiach's coming will be written up in the newspapers. Today, since news is communicated through the radio as well, we can understand that when Mashiach comes, his coming will be the prime topic of the news broadcasts." -- Lubavitcher Rebbe, Sukkos, 5751 (thought for the week at

R. Moshe Yess writes, "It's coming alive from the Bible! Something unprecedented is happening!" His site presents key events tied to prophecies, cool present day links (such as the ancient prophetic reference to the Taliban), and more. But, the site format and organization is extremely confusing. Try it out, describes itself as "the first comprehensive and authoritative Jewish site on End Time prophecies". They (who they are is as of yet unclear, though a post refers to 'Rabbi Jacobson') are starting to post of current events tied to biblical prophecy, with a new post every few days. Further, in a bigger surprise for me, they had a column published in this week's edition of The Jewish Press newspaper. The significance being a certain mainstream acceptance/presense.

The Latter Days site ties Afganistan and Iraq war events to biblical and kabbalah prophecies. The site describes itself as being a translation and summary of a hebrew site. Interesting stuff, though the site organization is a bit confusing and difficult to work through, and the English ability of the translator leaves a bit to be desired. The material, however, makes up for it. Check it out - The Latter Days in English (or, in Hebrew).


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