Tuesday, November 30, 2004

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An excellent explanation and incredible list from Nehora.com / JudaicaPlus:

Hillulah is a kabbalistic concept regarding the extremely righteous, learned in Torah and Kabbalah, and their permanent impact to the world as and after they leave it...

Hillulah - When a person leaves the world, their last moments represent the accumulation of what they achieved in their lifetime. When a tzaddik (righteous person) reveals a great deal of spiritual light for humankind, it makes a lasting impression on the universe. Every year on the anniversary of their passing, that tzaddik's soul (nefesh) returns to our world and their energy is available to help us. This is called the day of Hillulah. When we have awareness of what we can receive on this day, study something that tzaddik revealed, light a candle in their memory, and partake in a seudah (a ritual meal) in their honor, we receive spiritual support from that tzaddik.

And the list: Tzaddikim and Days of Hillulah


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