Wednesday, November 17, 2004

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Finally - A Good Two State Solution

Snap Judgment: A two-state solution

Calev Ben-David writes from Israel for the Jerusalem Post,

Two peoples sharing one land. Despite common historical roots, they are today irreversibly separated by opposing cultural, political, and religious values. Although some still dream that they can live together in peace in one nation, it is increasingly clear that nothing short of a two-state solution will resolve this conflict.

Of course, I'm talking about the United States. President George W. Bush's victory over John Kerry has opened up a major fault line between the two Americas: the so-called Republican-conservative Red States, and the Democratic-liberal Blue States.

On such key issues as abortion, gay rights, taxation, church-state separation, and America's place in the world, they are irreconcilably divided. The passions aroused by last week's election have only exacerbated their differences.

At this point, a clean break between the two may be the best answer.

Think I'm exaggerating? Maybe. But some of my old Blue State friends were so shocked by the GOP's victory that they're seriously talking about leaving the US.

According to the Pasadena Star-Union, on election night California State Senator Jack Scott told a crowd of Kerry supporters, "If President Bush does win, maybe we could secede from the Union."

The liberal on-line magazine Slate subsequently ran a feature exploring whether any legal mechanism existed by which Blue States could peacefully dissolve their political affiliation with the rest of the country.

Given America's past experience with secession, it's obvious the US is going to need some help in dividing itself into two nations: The Republican Republic of Red America, and the Democratic Union of Blue America. And this is where I think Israel has a tremendously helpful role to play.

No other country in the world has had more experience in modern times with the two-state solution process. True, we haven't actually achieved it yet; but Israel is unmatched in terms of dealing with the steps needed to get there.

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