Wednesday, November 03, 2004

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End Time Prophecy and George Bush? Hmm...

Will George Bush win the election to play the role of Gog in the biblical end-of-times prophecies? This and other interesting thoughts at

From "Jacobson has no doubt that the United States is “Mogog”, but which of its president's is the Biblical “Gog” is another story. Here he is relying on his intiution. He explains that a careful reading of the prophetic texts clearly indicates that “Gog” is not a bad person and really does not wish to harm the Jewish people. G-d must actually entice him and force him to fulfill his cosmic role in the process which will lead to the ultimate revelation of the Messiah.

That is why Jacobson does not think Governor John Kerry makes a good candidate for the position of “Gog”. All his talk about working together with the Europeans suggests that he would happily agree to encourage Israel towards concessions on Jerusalem. He will not need G-d to “force” him into this role."


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