Sunday, November 28, 2004

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Current Events Clearly Written?

Reb Lazer writes in his blog about whether the Torah or newspapers are a better source of current info (Who needs newspapers?), with an excellent focus on current events from the Gemora and Zohar...

If you open a Gemorra, Tractate Avoda Zara 2b, and examine Tosephos commentary (beginning word, "Vearo"), you will learn that in the end of days, near the coming of the Messiah (now - these very times!), the most important two nations in the world will be the USA and Iran. I don't need the CNN or the NY Times to tell me that. Wait and see - the history of the coming years will rotate around a nuclear confrontation between Iran and the USA. I also don't need the Atomic Energy Commission or the CIA to tell me than Iranians are stockpiling tons of Uranium, and are fast on the way to producing their own nuclear fuel, while the Froggies and the Germans pretend they don't see.

Now, if I add to the knowledge of the aforementioned tractate the Zohar in parshas Shmos, I can tell you exactly how the showdown will be.

Great article, read the whole thing!


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