Wednesday, October 06, 2004

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East versus West or Chesed versus Gevurah

So, as the previous posts discuss, most Western nations are associated with the kabbalistic attribute of Chesed, kindness and giving, and to an unbalanced degree. Similarly, most Eastern nations are associated with the kabbalistic attribute of Gevurah, strictness or severity, also to an unbalanced degree.

Many of the posts to this blog have highlighted the Arab and Islamic association with Gevurah. Further, as the posts have shown, the association is to such a degree that most readers, who I assume are coming from Western nations and societies, truly consider the actions completely incomprehensible.

And of course, from a position of chesed, it is incomprehensible. But from a position of gevurah, it's understandable.

Gevurah means Might or Power in a sense of severity. It is the attribute of Din (Law and Judgement) is the principle that seeks to control, limit, restrain. (Mystical Concepts by Schochet)


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