Friday, September 24, 2004

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Good President, Bad President

It must be very hard being a president who has values and a solid belief system. President Bush, with a strong Christian belief system, has actually visted Israel and seen the land and the distances involved. It's hard for American's, who drive on average almost an hour to work and 45 minutes to go shopping, to imagine a country that's only an hour and a half drive across, to understand that the distance from the beach on the sea to the West Bank is...11 miles. But President Bush has seen it personally, and is absolutely committed to the war on terror. Yet yesterday he found himself in the position of having to equate Israel defending itself and it's innocent citizens to those attacking it.

Is the president playing good-president bad-president? Has he come down with schizophrenia?

Countries have no friends, only common interests or the lack thereof. The president is serving America's relationship interests with various Arab countries. However, it must indeed be difficult on his personal beliefs.

One particularly interesting point, notice the U.S. cultural pandering to the Arab value of honor and humiliation. They're not concerned with their dead, their freedom, their economy, but with "the daily humiliation of the Palestinian people". I'll write more about this later, relating to the mystical attributes of nations and cultures.


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