Thursday, September 23, 2004

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Chesed and World Politics

Chesed (pronounced gutteral-H esed, like hesed) is the attribute of kindness. While usually used in discussion of divine interaction with the universe or in operative functions of the soul, it also applies to world politics and national or regional attitudes. Hesed, or kindness, sounds like a very positive way of being. A kind person, the kindness of a community or a nation are very positive things in this world. But unlimited kindness is overwhelming, degrading, and prevents growth. If parents never let a child struggle to dress themself, the child will never learn to be able to do so. If a person is never held accountable for their actions, they will never develop any self-limits or controls on their actions. If a person is provided generously with all their wants and needs, they will never develop the ability to support themselves or succeed in endevours. Further, they will never achieve success on their own (as they are always being given or being helped), and will never have any accomplishments.

What about a nation or national attribute of kindness?


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