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Sunday, May 19, 2019

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   by Reb Gutman Locks


     It's so quiet right now… stillness … it's 1:30 in the morning. The special feeling of the Kotel can be sensed more when it is quiet.  

     From midnight on, the sense of Kindness increases. It increases until noon and then the sense of Judgement increases until midnight.

     When Kindness is predominant feelings are more sensitive. It is the special time of the day.

     "To You silence is praise."[i] Nothing can describe Your glory.

[i] Psalms 65:2


Thursday, May 16, 2019

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God Listens to Every Prayer

by Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

G-d Listens to Every Prayer 
What about our prayers for “small” things? Does
the Almighty G-d listen to such small talk? Is G-d really involved in our daily


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

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The Addiction Business

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths


I came across the mpaths.com and I found it very interesting to read. My name is (redacted) and I work with experienced copywriters who have knowledge on a wide range of subjects.

I would like to know if you accept a sponsored publication on your website.

The sponsored post would include: (blah blah blah)

Our partner is a US-based sportsbook. The company has a sports betting license in the State of New Jersey, also a license for horse betting in 38 states where this is legal...

How does that sound?  Let us know your thoughts.

Here are my thoughts:

The thrill business is interesting, the addiction business is nasty.  Nasty by taking advantage turning a motivational brain chemical process into a dependency.

Recently brain science has it down, we get little internal motivation feedback hits as we "succeed".  But when that's turned into a heavy cycle, essentially it creates an internal brain chemical addiction.  

Gambling can be a brief thrill, but for some it slips into that cycle and becomes an addiction. Purveyors of gambling will say they're just giving adults choices... but a percentage of people are highly susceptible and get trapped early, and others under repeated exposure.  There is no State with legal gambling that doesn't also shortly after have to provide services for addicts and people who've destroyed their lives.

Those in the nicotine business come with the same approach, giving adults a choice... to lock themselves into a dependency that will likely cut 20% off their lifespan and kill them painfully (but give them warm little hits daily).  [If you smoke you should switch to vape as a significantly less damaging option, but not Juul which is (rumored to be) programmed to give early significantly extra nicotine hits on the first 10 puffs which is what gives the Juul buzz and ups the addictive impact.]

The addiction business is a nasty business, with those involved propagating such statements as "giving adults a choice", "offering freedom of experiences", and the like.  The problem is we humans are literally not wired to measure the short term "hit" versus the long term impact.

If you went to gamble and I said "enjoy, but the buy in is you must let me cut out your right kidney with a dull knife and no anesthesia right now", you'd tell me I'm crazy and stay away. If you went to smoke a cigarette and immediately had to have half of your left lung ripped out through your throat, you'd kick the cigarette far away.

There's a reason most societies don't allow access to heroin or other "hard" drugs - the effects are so strong, obvious and relatively quick that we understand it's NOT about having a choice or freedom, they are hacks of the human motivation system that break it.  It's unfortunate societies don't act the same about smoking, alcohol, and gambling.

I will not advertise addictions.
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    by Reb Gutman Locks



     This week's Torah portion tells us, if our brothers become impoverished, we are to support them.[i] He is our brother! For the same reason we are also commanded to help him to pick up his fallen donkey. We are told that it is best to do this before they become poor since it is much easier to help someone before they fall than is it to pick them up after they fall.

     Just as this is true when their physical donkey falls, so is this true when their spiritual donkey falls.

     Yet, so many of us who would run to pick up a fellow Jew's physical donkey if it falls, totally ignore him when we see his spiritual donkey fall.

     It takes so little to help others to do a mitzvah, yet it can do so very much for them. You can change their life in a couple of minutes. And remember, whenever you pick up someone else, Hashem is going to pick you up. Guaranteed.


[i] Leviticus 25:35


Sunday, May 12, 2019

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Our Senior Soldier

   by Reb Gutman Locks  


     Chief Warren Officer Yitzchok has been in the Israel Defense Force since he was a teen. He is now 77 years old, by far the oldest soldier we have. He teaches military discipline at the officer's school and has no plans to retire. He always puts on tefillin when he comes to the Kotel.


Friday, May 10, 2019

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Cleaving to G-d

by Lazar at Mystical Paths

Dveykus - Cleaving with the Borei Olam

A Guided Meditation


The human soul is a Cheleq Eloka Mima'al - a portion of the Infinite Source - and as such it yearns to be reunited with its Divine Source. 
To achieve dveykus -- to cleave to the Creator -- a person must push the ego aside and recognize that nothing else truly exists besides the Creator of All.

This meditation guides the listener towards this goal.


Lazar Weisz currently lives in Monsey, NY. Inspired by the works of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, ob"m, and using traditional Jewish sources, he has created an online guided Jewish meditation channel where he publishes free guided meditations on a variety of subjects. His meditation channel can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6cxbHn8-bTcte_c4MepAxQ, and his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/guidedjewishmeditations/.
To reach Lazar, please email: guidedjewishmeditation@gmail.com

Thursday, May 09, 2019

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Choosing a Wife

   by Reb Gutman Locks


HH asked;

     Six years ago I saw a girl and instantly had a supernatural feeling. I felt like I would marry her. It was so intense. I fell down off my seat! Two years ago, I tried to arrange a date with her, and she said she wasn't interested for some reasons like I was Chabad, and although I said I was openminded she didn't go out with me. I am dating now and need to know what is the right path, the way of Hashem, to know and do in this situation?    

     Does love at first sight mean she in my intended wife? If so, what should I do?


Gutman's reply;

     If the "experience" was from Hashem she would not have said no. Move on. Love is not a spark when you first see someone. Love is an emotional relationship that develops from sharing life, being kind to each other.

    "Do not follow your eyes and your heart that will lead you astray."

     Do not be so fast to let go of your tradition to marry someone. The husband sets the tradition not the wife.

     Find a girl who wants to share her life with you, a girl who gets along with her family, especially with her mother.

     Do not be like a small child who picks a treat by the colorful cartoons on the package, look at the ingredients.

     If you are going to follow the teachings of the Rebbe you best marry a girl who also wants to follow those teachings.

    Pray for others to find their spouses and you will find yours first.

    Hashem bless you to choose the right young lady.

Be well 

HH replied:

    Amen. Thanks, rav!! Wow thanks for the response and guidance. Thanks. 


Tuesday, May 07, 2019

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A Blessing

     by Reb Gutman Locks
        A Blessing


     It is a blessing to do good, and it is an additional blessing to hear that you did good.

    I was thinking of slowing down or even stopping with the new videos. Mostly because the latest ones have not been getting such great numbers of views. Then, today I received this comment.


Little Bigz commented;

     Hi, Mr. Locks my names Joseph I'm from London England and I just wanted to say I'm Jewish by birth but never ever followed the religion one bit. Matter of fact I hated being Jewish. About 2 to 3 years ago I somehow came across your videos and I remember seeing it and saying let's give this old dude a try lol. Mr. Locks you returned me back to God, you returned me back to what I'm now very proud to call myself a (JEW). Bless you Mr. Locks and upload some more for me and my three daughters to watch and discuss. 


My reply:

     Thank you for taking the time to write, and especially for sharing what you have found with your daughters. There is no better way to help yourself than to help others. From your mouth to G-d's ear, I will try to continue. Be well, Gutman



Sunday, May 05, 2019

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The Snake and the Lion

   by Reb Gutman Locks   


Alain wants to know;

     Why is the snake the symbol of the yetser HaRa? (evil inclination) We all get why the lion represents royalty amongst the animals but how is the snake related to the evil inside? The question is: is the snake chosen as a symbol for the yetser hara for us to understand that we need to learn how to control our inner temperature and stay calm at all times, like Hillel or Aharon HaCohen?


Gutman's reply;

     The Lion is the King of the beasts. The male lion sleeps 20 hours a day and the rest of the time he hunts or mates. He does what he wants and doesn't have to hide his intentions from anyone.

     The snake symbolizes the evil inclination because it moves left and right to go forward. It is not "straight forward". It has a forked tongue which is the symbol for lying. In Indian Idolatry the "serpent power" elevates the "kundalini" energy up your spine and gives visions and powers... Not the kind of thing we want guiding us.

     We are to learn how to control our animal inclination, and the best way to do this is not to try to kill it, but to elevate it by using it for holy purposes.



Thursday, May 02, 2019

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Link for the Holocaust article

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   by Reb Gutman Locks   

Whenever Arey Leib comes to town he comes to the Kotel to put on tefillin.

Eugene (Aryeh Leib) Lebovitz was born in Czechoslovakia in 1928. In this show, he tells of his experiences as a teenager in the ghetto, through the "selections" at various work camps, the miracles that saved his life time after time, including the numerous death marches that he survived as well.

He shares his liberation story, including his return to the town in which he was liberated, the only Jew to do so. Mr. Lebovitz tells of his role in the capture of war criminals, and the trip to the Land of Israel in which he guided war orphans on a 17 day perilous boat journey with no food aboard, to his arrival at the Haifa port, only to be placed by the British into the Atlit internment camp.

Mr. Lebovitz continues his tale with his work as a commander of the IDF, and his role in the capture of Haifa in 1948, followed by his injury. This fascinating interview includes Mr. Lebovitz's philosophy of life which kept him alive during the war years, and helped him thrive, build and flourish afterwards

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   by Reb Gutman Locks


     "You shall be holy."[i] How can we possibly fulfill this commandment? The reality is only Hashem is holy, so then how can we be commanded to become holy?

      We become holy by doing holy things, by fulfilling the mitzvahs. We elevate the world by using it for holy purposes, and by doing this we ourselves become holy. The blessings say, "…Who has made us holy with His commandments." When we fulfill a mitzvah, we become holy.

     But what about the rest of the things in the world, the other things that do not appear as mitzvahs, like a cookie? How can we elevate a cookie? We find the best cookie we can, and we put it away for Shabbos. Then, when we make Kiddush we find it delightful, and when we delight in Shabbos Hashem says, "I will make you ride upon the high places of the earth.[ii]

     We can do this with all our needs. Make a blessing on something, thank G-d for it, share it with others, on and on, when we look for ways to elevate a physical object, we find more and more ways to enjoy a holy life.

[i] Leviticus 20:7

[ii] Isaiah 58:13-14


Tuesday, April 30, 2019

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IN YOUR FACE Anti-Semitism from the New York Times

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Fresh off the blatant weekend anti-Semitism at the New York Times, we get this the day after a mass murder of Jews in Poway - San Diego - California...

Why is this Anti-Semitism?

--> It depicts a Jewish religious figure, Moses, replaced by a political figure.

--> It depicts the 10 commandments from the Torah.

--> It uses the 6 pointed Star of David.

Blatant insulting of the Jewish religion to make a political point.

If this was made of the islamic prophet, there would be marching in the streets and death threats to the publishing establishment.  Luckily for them us Jews just write blog posts about it.

While the blood of children is drying and the family of the dead are mourning in California, the New York times publishes this.

Stop de-humanizing the Jews dear New York Times.  You are inciting to murder.
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A Hidden Blessing

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths

did G-d do that? What did I do to deserve this? Why do bad things come to good  people?


Monday, April 29, 2019

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by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Having listened to the walk through given by the visiting Israel uncle during the synagogue mass murder attempt at the Poway, California Chabad, it becomes clear that the gunman entered, began firing in the lobby, AND TURNED TOWARDS AND STARTING SHOOTING AT THE CHILDREN.

You may ask, 'what's it matter, he went to perform an anti-Semitic mass murder?'

Targeting children speaks to Western society moving from "othering" to "de-humanization".  

A few hours before the attack, the New York Times, the "paper of record", published a de-humanizing picture of the Prime Minister of Israel.  Methinks there may be a pattern here.  When called on it, the paper rushed to publish this apology, "the image was offensive and it was an error in judgement to publish it."  What they failed to note is it IS a factor in de-humanizing which builds up to horrific events.

Terrorism, mass murder, and suicide are contagious... socially contagious.  This is demonstrated by the rise in suicide statistics in the US in any area where there has been a public suicide, and it is demonstrated by the insane rush to join ISIS.  Viral murderous ideas.

It must be stopped, protested, rallied against, and screamed against IMMEDIATELY AS IT HAPPENS.  The way to stop the virus is to suck away any interest or excitement, and replace it with PUBLIC DIGUST and complete public rejection.

An hour or so after the event, President Trump had a question thrown at him by the press as he headed out of the White House "do you think you could have done more or your positions...".  I wanted to shout myself to the reporter "do you realize your rhetoric (to pump up your ratings) that the president is anti-Semitic is empowering those who really are anti-Semitic?"

In the Pesach seder we say "they rise up against us in every generation".  We (Jews) have been fortunate over the past few generations to have a relatively peaceful time and relative stability and a generally civilized humanized Western world.  That is clearly shifting.

De-humanizing is in the air.  I recommend everyone do everything they can to push that monster away.  (And if you think it's just the Jews who are affected, read a little history.)
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