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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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Death Threat!

   by Reb Gutman Locks

Death Threat!


     This Muslim does not like the truth. He calls it "Islamophobic".

     My video, "A Jew Reads the Koran" is doing very well, B"H. It explains the facts about the Land of Israel according to the Torah and according to the Koran. It also offers a kind solution to the ongoing war over this Land.

     Here is the email I just received that shows how these Muslim terrorists deal with the truth when the truth does not agree with them.

     The only appropriate answer to this death threat is for every one of us to share this link with as many people as we possibly can. Maybe, if they see that their threats of murder bring the opposite of what they want they just might change their tactics.


The email:

From: The JihadWatch Murder <thejihadwatchmurder@gmail.com>


If you do not delete this Islamophobic YouTube video that you posted on your YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/1d8i_RXSTQA and delete completely all your other Islamophobic activities on YouTube, you and your entire family will be killed.


     Here is the link to the video. The more views it gets the more they lose. Let's not let them get away with their death threats. You are welcome to upload it to your channel too.

A Jew Reads the Koran




Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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To Fill What?

   by Reb Gutman Locks

To Fill What?


     Early this morning when we were all wearing our tallis and tefillin right before we started to daven and this tourist came up to me and asked if it was okay for him to "approach the Wall."

     He looked like he might be Jewish but I couldn't tell and I saw that the tallis he was wearing was from an arab or x-ian store, definitely not a proper tallis.

     "Are you Jewish?"

     "Yes, yes, I am."

     "Is your mother Jewish?"

     "Yes, she was Jewish."

     "What's your name?"


     "David, do you have tefillin to put on?"

     "To fill what?"


     "What's that?"

     "Come with me. You can borrow a pair."

     "I have to go soon."

     "It will only take a couple of minutes."


      I put tefillin them on him. It was a little frustrating as he could not pronounce any of the words of the blessing anywhere near the way they should be said.

     "Are you sure your mother is Jewish?"

     "Yes, and my father, too. What are these?"

     "You've never seen tefillin before?"


      I explained that they are a sign that we will do what G-d wants us to do and that we will think about what G-d wants us to think about.

      I asked him what he was doing in Israel. He said that a lady friend of his was a "believer" and she brought him.

     "A believer? Don't marry her if she's not Jewish."

      He said that she was just a friend.

      After he repeated the Shema in English I had him stand by the Kotel and pray for all his loved ones, for his needs, and for the Jews in danger. When he finished we returned the tefillin. He thanked me and he looked happy, but maybe still wondering what was going on.

      A fifty-five year old Jew from Las Vegas who had never even seen tefillin before came all the way to the Kotel to put them on for the first time in his life. Will those few minutes change his life? I don't know, but I do know that Hashem brought him here for a good reason, and Hashem had him ask me if he could go stand by the "Wall" for a good reason.



Sunday, May 21, 2017


Defending Yoga?

   by Reb Gutman Locks

Defending Yoga?


     Brian comment on Din Torah's answer to my question, "Are Jewish Institutions allowed to teach yoga?" He also posted a link to a 13 minute long video of his example of "entirely non spiritual yoga".

     He wrote, "The assumption is that your experience puts you as an authority on yoga and Hinduism. It doesn't. Some amount of yoga was added relatively recently to some practices of Hinduism. Lets keep exercise separate from other peoples religion and leave the experts on topics to be the one making those decisions. Next thing you know we can['t] use computers because Hinduism uses that too."


Gutman's response:

     Brian, why are you questioning my ability to comment on yoga? That response where you posted your comment was written by the rabbis at "Din Torah". I merely submitted the question.

     I looked at 15 seconds of your video example of "objective health value" yoga teachings and up came the word "namaste". Namaste is the Hindu greeting that means "the god within me salutes the god within you." If you look it up the yoga teacher will explain, "We bring the hands together at the heart chakra to increase the flow of Divine love."  

     This is not what we want to teach Jewish children. This is not the way a Jew is taught to greet someone. Jews say, "Shalom" which means "Peace" and is one of Hashem's names.

     Again, if you want to do the exercises without the word yoga or any other of their spiritual teachings that is up to you. But do not defend spreading their spiritual teachings to Jews (or to anyone else for that matter).

What's Wrong with Yoga? 




Thursday, May 18, 2017

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Jewish Reincarnation

by Reb Gutman Locks at Mystical Paths
-     What happens when a Jew dies?
Is that the end for him, or do things still go on? Why am I me with my skills
and weaknesses and not someone else with theirs? Did I do something that made
me as I am? Is there something we were sent here to do? 

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Are Jewish Institutions Allowed to Teach Yoga?


by Reb Gutman Locks

Are Jewish Institutions Allowed to Teach Yoga?


     I sent this question to an online Jewish Law site. (Din on Line)  Their answer follows.



      There are a number of types of yoga all of which come from Hinduism and definitely include spiritual teachings that contradict the Torah. Almost always such spiritual teachings come along with the physical exercise classes. However, today there are a number of places where just the physical exercises are taught with no spiritual teaching included. Knowing that the word yoga comes from and most often is associated with Hinduism, can a Jewish school invite someone to teach just the physical exercises of yoga classes to the Jewish students and announce that they are teaching yoga in the school? I fear that others will hear that yoga is being taught in a Jewish school and go study it themselves from a source that almost always will bring along the idolatry. I am not asking if the physical non spiritual exercises are alright. I am asking can the Jewish school advertise that they teach yoga. Thank you



     I don't really know your situation so it is difficult to give a definitive answer, but in general I agree with your fear. Whenever we are dealing with the public, if there is something that can be mixed up, we have to be careful not to give the public the wrong messages. Besides, the students, who will get accustomed to practicing yoga, may then go to another place and learn it in the wrong way. A third reason that it is not advised is because part of the job of an orthodox school is to teach students how to live it sets a dangerous precedence. (Without getting into the halachic aspect of the issue), if the people want to do things like this in private, that is one thing. If it is technically permitted, that is their decision. For a school to teach this to the children is something else. As an example, for a school to serve bacon chips; although technically they may be kosher, but it is giving the children a message that is risky for them to learn.



Tuesday, May 16, 2017


To Be Kind

   by Reb Gutman Locks

To Be Kind


     A teenager came up to me at the Kotel early in the morning and asked,     "Which is worse, not to be kind to someone or to steal from him?"

    "Not to be kind to someone is stealing from him."

     Kindness is an expression of love and we are commanded to love one another. To withhold our kindness from someone is like not paying an employee his wages. That's stealing!

     It's a lot easier to be kind to others when you are feeling kind to yourself. If you are harsh on yourself most likely you will be harsh on others.

     So how can you be kind to yourself, especially if you do not feel it? The same way you are kind to your kids. You get a lot more cooperation from the kids when you treat them kindly than when you treat them too strictly.

     Be kind to yourself. It's nice now and it pays off later too.



Sunday, May 14, 2017

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   by Reb Gutman Locks   



     Almost everyone lacks something in their life. It seems that Hashem holds back one thing to keep that person praying.

     Many cannot find a decent job to comfortably support their family. They pray over and over again for a livelihood. So many times a day! This is their prime concern in life.

     Then there are many who have enough money, but cannot find a good wife. This is their prayer over and over again, "Please G-d, send me a good wife today. It is not good to be alone." Thousands of times over and over again they beg Hashem to solve this problem for them.

     Then there are Jews who have a decent livelihood, a good wife, but they have no children. They pray oh so many times a day for Hashem to give them healthy, happy, children. Children become the most important blessing in the entire world for them. They feel totally empty because they have not received this blessing.

     Then there are those who have a livelihood, a good wife, lots of great kids but they are not well. Their sickness is clearly the most important thing in the world. "Hashem, please heal me."

     When you are at peace you are satisfied. Your prayers are mostly prayers of thanksgiving or for others who are less fortunate than you. If a person has peace he or she has all their problems solved, or feels that they are on the way to being solved. In any event these blessed people are satisfied with their lot. It's no wonder that Hashem chose Peace to be one of His Names…Shalom.



Thursday, May 11, 2017


Who Has the Final Say?

​   by Reb Gutman Locks

Who Has the Final Say?


Veronica asked;

     Do you hold to the teachings of the Sages the same as the Teaching of G-d's Torah? Some see them the same thing…what say you? Which has the final Authority? G-d or man?


Gutman's reply;

     It is well-known that there are different "degrees" or levels of Torah authority. For instance, we have the Written Torah and we have the Oral Torah. Both were given on Mt Sinai, but the Oral Torah which explains the Written Torah was written by the rabbis many years after the Written Torah was given.[i]

     There are also rabbinical mitzvahs such as Chanukah and Purim that are observed by all Torah observant Jews. There are many customs and traditions that we hold by and follow as if they were given to Moshe on Mt. Sinai. For instance men wearing a head covering; this is "merely" a rabbinical custom but few if any Torah observant men would walk down the street without their head covered. Shabbos candles are also a rabbinical mitzvah. Whereas Hashem told us to bring the holiness of Shabbos into our homes the Sages have shown us what practical things we can do to be aware of that holiness.

     The problem in trying to determine "who has the final Authority" is that without the rabbis explanations there would be precious little that we would understand. How would we know to put tefillin on the middle of our upper arms and not on our hand as the Written Torah commands? When I first began following Torah and Mitzvahs I read in the Written Torah that we should take a certain tithe and bind it to our hand. I took the tithe money and with a piece of yarn I tied it to my hand and came to Jerusalem to hand it out as I read in the Torah. I did not know, as the rabbis explain, that bind the money to your hand means do not spend the money on the way.

     In fact, without the rabbis' explanations there would be very little of the Written Torah that we would be able to understand. How would we know to fast on Yom Kippur? The Torah says to afflict ourselves. The rabbis explain that this means fasting. That "an eye for an eye" means to pay monetary damages? When is a wife to go to the mikvah? In fact, how would we know what a mikvah is? To put tzitzis only on the four corners of a four cornered garment. When I came to Jerusalem with my tithe money tied to my hand I also had fringes on my shirt collars and the top of my pants, and wherever I saw a corner.

     Who do we follow? It's pretty much up to you. But if you just pick and choose what to do you are saying that you are on a level to determine what is proper Torah observance, and few of us are.

     How do we know who was a true prophet whose readings we should include in our Torah study? The Sages told us. This week's reading of the Prophets says of the Levite-Kohanim, "They shall instruct My people concerning the differences between holy and ordinary; let them inform of the difference between the contaminated and clean."[ii] So we see that Hashem tells us through His Prophet that we should learn from our teachers.

     My suggestion is, go to an Orthodox rabbi you like and have a Shabbos meal with him. If you see that he and his wife and children love each other, are happy and friendly people, then ask him your Torah questions until such time as you might like to move on.

     There have been many deviant movements throughout the ages and every one of them has disappeared. They denied the Oral Torah saying it was manmade. The earliest attempt to deny the rabbis was in the wilderness when Korah said that Moshe had no right to tell Jews what to do.

     As for the current deviant movements like Conservative, Reform, Jewish Renewal and such, they are as good as gone. The Conservative now have voted to allow non-Jews into their congregations because their numbers are dwindling so quickly. The Reform Movement solved this problem by saying if someone's father is a Jew that person is a Jew. These movements teach many things that are entirely contradictory to the Written Torah.

     The families who stray from the Oral Torah, from the Sages, almost certainly intermarry and remove their children from the future of the Jewish Nation.

     The deepest answer to your question is; there is a saying; a Yerushalmi (a Torah Observant Jew in Jerusalem) cannot be a chassid.  A chassid in this sense means someone who has a Rebbe who guides him. This is an amazing statement in that a chassid is a very loftily level. This saying points out the unique position of a spiritually aware Jew who has been blessed to live in Jerusalem. Here we look to the Presence of Hashem to guide us.

     This does not mean that we do not learn from our Rebbes and Rabbis. It means that we look to Hashem for our answers. Ultimately, there is no one between the Jew and Hashem.


[i] This is the Talmud. When the Rabbis saw that the Oral Torah was being forgotten they wrote it.

[ii] Ezekiel 44:23


Tuesday, May 09, 2017


The Strange Case of Moving/Not Moving Lag b'Omer

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Lag b'Omer, the 33rd day after Passover and the 33rd day of the mitzvah of counter the Omer that follows Passover, is the hilula, the day of moving from this world to the next, of the famous Rashbi - Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai - of the Gemora and Zohar.  It's particularly noted because he said not to be sad at his passing, but to celebrate as he went to the world to come.  The traditional celebration is the lighting of bonfires.

When this celebration was a small event at the site of the rabbi's tomb in the little village of Meron, Israel, whether it fell the evening after Shabbos was irrelevant - as none of the participants would violate the Holy Sabbath.

But the custom has spread across Israel and to Jews world wide...and with literally hundreds of thousands flocking to Meron in celebration, the logistics of transportation and security mean thousands involved - many of which may not be Shabbos observant.

Now here's where it gets weird.  We, as observant Jews, do not blow the shofar on Rosh Hashana if Rosh Hashana falls on Shabbos...because (the Gemora explains) we might carry the Shofar to synagogue...violating Shabbos.  And we do not wave the Lulav and Esrog on Succot if it falls on Shabbos...as carrying them around could violate Shabbos.  So biblical holidays are modified to prevent the desecration of Shabbos.

If a fast day falls on a Friday or a Sunday, they are (for the most part) moved to not interfere with Shabbos.  And Purim, and particularly Shushan Purim for those in Jerusalem, may move as well (as described in the Mishna).  

Clearly the generalization is, if it could cause the desecration of Shabbos, we advance it or move it back to avoid Shabbos, or avoid doing it to prevent the desecration of Shabbos...even if such a possibility is minor.

In Israel with Lag b'Omer, all of these have run into a culture conflict...and so far lost (though that's changing).  The rule in Israel for national holidays is if they fall on Friday they move back to Thursday, and if they fall on Sunday they move forward to Monday...and agreement between the early state rabbi's and the national government to...prevent the desecration of Shabbos.  

The orthodox-but-not-ultra-orthdox rabbis have ruled that Lag b'Omer should be celebrated on Sunday night-Monday, to prevent the desecration of Shabbos.  Both so those not so observant don't start their bonfires early, and so that in Meron the thousands of security forces and bus drivers don't start their activities on Shabbos to prepare.  In line with this ruling, the Ministry of Education has moved the traditional Lag b'Omer school day off to Monday.

Yet the charedi-ultra-orthodox rabbis refuse to move the observance day.  Now there are a few valid reasons for this, and two ridiculous ones.  The valid reasons are... according to the mystical tradition, the day of a yartezheit (day of death) is a special day where one can connect to the soul of the departed.  In the case of a tzaddik, a righteous saintly person, it's a special day to connect with that person and in their merit raise one's prayers to higher levels and impact in heaven (particularly that the burial site).  And while this is a point, the same points apply to blowing shofar on Shabbos Rosh Hashana and waving lulav on Succot - and the Gemora clearly instructs us to protect Shabbos over gaining the mystical value of the mitzvah. 

The ridiculous reasons are...since moving holidays has become a practice of the State of Israel, and the Haredim don't want to be seen as following practices of the STATE of Israel, therefore when the State makes a move (to protect Shabbos) the Haredim must NOT follow the move, even though it's to protect Shabbos.  And because those who would care about the mystical value are Shabbos observers, they're not worried about their people violating Shabbos (but they are worried about stores in Tel Aviv opening on Shabbos).

Interestingly, the chief rabbi of Jerusalem just announced he won't be lighting his bonfire in Meron until 7:00 AM Sunday morning - and the chief rabbi of Meron has announced he will be keeping the gates of the village locked until 1:00 AM.  So we see the Haredim leaning in the "move Lag b'Omer" direction.  But as a group they are not there yet.

Which is just strange...because all observant Jews agree Shabbos comes first.


“Energy Healing”

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

"Energy Healing"


     (Pertaining to the previous article where a number of rabbis whitewash or even promote such things as "energy healing")


     Some ten or fifteen years ago an Israeli man came to the tefillin stand at the Kotel and told us this story.

     His wife had very poor eyesight. She was forced to wear thick eyeglasses which she hated. She heard of an "energy healer" in Tel Aviv who claimed to be able to heal such things. She went to him, paid his fee, and he laid his hands close to her eyes. Miraculously her eyesight got much better right then and there! But she still needed those ugly glasses.

     She asked him if he could do more. He said that he himself could not do not do any more but if she allowed he could call on "other spirits" who could heal her eyes completely. Of course she agreed.

     He called on those "spirits" and to her entire amazement she was instantly "healed." She did not need those ugly eyeglasses anymore! A most happy Jewish woman.

     That night she was lying in bed with her husband and she started to twitch, to jerk her body around. Her husband asked her what was the problem. She started jumping around even more.

     She yelled, "Tell them to get off me!"

     She cannot control it. Her husband took her to a number of different medical professionals and none of them were able to help her. He was ready to take her to a psychiatrist!

     My experience with this type of "energy" or "power" is that in the beginning you think that you have the power, but in the end you see that the power has you.



Sunday, May 07, 2017


A Can of Worms

   by Reb Gutman Locks

A Can of Worms


     A rabbi from a religious community in America who is also a big fan of alternative and unusual "medicine" has written a book whitewashing, or even touting such systems as; auras, chi, reiki, energy healing, distant healing, meridians, emotional freedom techniques, dowsing, homeopathy, radionics, crystal healing, and yoga. To make matters worse he has collected a number of known rabbis' approvals.

     It seems that there are a number of religious Jews who are latching on to his opinions. The best way to evaluate his advice is to consider his take on vaccinations. Apparently he is totally against vaccinations.

     To vaccinate or not is probably the most heated medical discussion in the world today; with virtually the entire standard, modern medical establishment insisting on their necessity, and virtually the entire "alternative" community harshly condemning them.

     When it comes to medicine I recommend listening to the established medical opinion. From my limited research into the vaccination argument it seems that the original study condemning them was made by someone with selfish, monetary motives and the facts do not seem to follow his study. Although some "alternative" ideas can be helpful, when it comes to life and death matters I strongly recommend not following the "alternative" opinions.

     On medicine this is my opinion. But as to those other systems that he discusses in his book that have any spiritual teachings attached to them, I am not stating my opinion; I am telling you my experience. They are all to be entirely shunned, especially by a Torah observant Jew.

     As I have stated many times, if an idolater worships the moon the moon does not become forbidden. Many of the "alternative" systems have incorporated known helpful exercises which are totally permitted, like stretching and touching your toes, but when it comes to any association with any spiritual system other than Torah, this is forbidden to the Jew. Do not even praise the good that you might think you see there because if you do you will later come to praise the bad.



Friday, May 05, 2017


Hashem Heals, Doctors Heal, Doctors are Bad?

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


Much, if not most, of halacha regarding health boils down to "do what you need to do to recover your health or solve significant health issue (such as infertility) - even to the point of consuming supposedly therapeutic non-kosher substances (where only anecdotal evidence of positive affect is necessary) or, in emergency health situations - overriding Shabbos or Yom Tov to deal with the health emergency in a necessary timely fashion."

Now there ALSO is a minority position, backed up both by the Gemora, Kaballah, and some Chassidus (particularly Breslev), that because of the statement 'ki Hashem rofecha' (Hashem is your/our/the only healer) that one should not use doctors or any healing methods, one should only pray and have faith in Hashem.

Additionally, the charedi world, over the last 15 years or so, has philosophically gone to war with modern science.

These three patterns are strongly at play in current ultra-orthodox society and are causing some of the problems you refer to (avoiding vaccination, use of clearly problematic alternative medicines not to solve problems to as types of exercise or stress relief or just for pleasure - such as energy manipulation, yoga, reiki, etc).

Aligning with pattern one, people are taking rumors of negative effects (such as rumors of vaccines causing autism) and turning that into a "don't use" in the halachic pattern of multiple cases of anecdotal evidence allowing for use.  Vaccines don't help themselves by NOT educating on the very low but real situation of side effects versus the very high value of immunity across the group.

Further, people are taking alternative medicine that doesn't appear as clear medicine, such as yoga whether the exercises might be allowed for someone with a specific major health issue that it would help, and picking up the whole system and using it for general use / exercise / stress relief - where the general system is clearly a foreign religious-spiritual belief pattern clearly prohibited to Jews.

Aligning with pattern two, we see rulings even by gadolim saying "just have faith".  And because emunah (faith) is a strong part of Judaism, we indeed should pray to G-d for healing, and when (G-d willing) we receive a healing through a doctor, remember that G-d gave doctors permission and the wisdom to heal. 

But when we combine these, we have a real problem.  Rulings saying avoid vaccination, which will lead to significant harm across the klal (across the community).  The inability, or rather the specific choice, to avoid actual evaluation of modern medical choices.

It leads to very strange results where people will avoid vaccination but use the most up to date modern medicine for fertility treatments.  And where people will argue that yoga and energy healing are kosher, but sonograms are not.

Buyer beware.  It seems to me that whatever weird opinion one wants to find, whether allowing very clearly problematic methods, or whether prohibiting very clearly highly valuable modern medicine and/or practices. 

Shabbat Shalom, may all those in need of a refuah (a healing) receive a complete and speedy recovery from Hashem rofecha.


Thursday, May 04, 2017

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Spiritual Life Can Seem Frustrating

​   by Reb Gutman Locks


     Sometimes it seems that we are getting nowhere. It's like we are doing the same things over and over again… starting from the same place and ending up in the same place. It can feel like we are pulling on own socks trying to lift ourselves off the ground.

     Not only that, but every generation gets lower than the previous generation… all the way back to Adam the First Man. So then, if we are so low compared to the generations that went before us, and they couldn't do it… they couldn't bring the world to peace and bring the Redemption, what possible hope is there for us? We are like midgets and they were like giants.

     If a midget is smart he can see further than a giant. All he has to do is to stand on the giant's shoulders. This means when we follow the good advice of the previous generations we will benefit from all of their good deeds, and then by adding in our small contributions we will be able to see even further than they could.

     Although each generation is lower than the previous generation, the later generation is closer to the Redemption. This is especially true now in this generation when we see the Redemption actually beginning. This means that we can see things that they could not see.   

     This week's Prophet reading says; "Behold the days are coming says Hashem…. I will bring back the captivity of My people Israel, and they will rebuild desolate cites, they will return and plant vineyards and drink their wine. They will make gardens and eat their fruit. I shall implant them upon their Land; they will not be uprooted again from upon their Land that I have given them, says Hashem, your G-d."[i]

     For thousands of years Jews read these prophecies of the Land again being filled, but they saw the Land was destroyed, desolate. It was hard for those many generations to believe these Prophecies. But we are not like that. We look and see with our very eyes how much of this is happening right now. We are living in those rebuilt cities. Today we are drinking the wine from those vineyards and eating the fruit from those gardens. Thank G-d. Thank G-d, really.


[i] Amos 9:13


Tuesday, May 02, 2017

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It’s Not About Israel…Israel is to Blame

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


For generations they have attacked the Jews on holidays.  Non-Jewish holidays and Jewish holidays.  Pogroms were started on Passover, attacks planned on Rosh Hashanah.

The Nazi’s, their names should be blotted out, specialized in it – a special torture for Jews.

The Haggadah reads…in every generation they rise up against us…

But America was safe, and Europe protective after the Holocaust, and Israel while fighting wars was, thank G-d, building a new nation of Jews in the Land of Israel, the land given by G-d to the Jewish people.

Today the barbarians and murderers attack the Jews as always…they kill them in a supermarket in France, they shoot up a Jewish Community Center parking lot in the U.S., they try to blow up a synagogue in Belgium.  Times have changed, safety is fading away.

But the anti-semites are back too.  They pass BDS resolutions on Passover.  On Israel Independence Day, they declare Jerusalem, the Holy City of King David, to have no ties to the Jewish people.

While ISIS beheads, performs mass murder live on the Internet, and practices literal slavery, the Jews and Israel are to blame.

While Syria murders its citizens on a genocidal scale with chemical weapons, the Jews and Israel are at fault.

While Turkey bombs civilian Kurdish villages, the Jews and Israel are the threat.

It may seem we’ve gone back in time, but with the blessings of Hashem the Jewish people have built a vibrant and dynamic home in the Land of Israel, as the Torah tells us to do.  And one would be foolish to look upon the many successes of the State of Israel and not see the Hand of G-d and many miracles involved.  Perfect, far from it.  Easy to live in…it’s got it’s issue and can be a hard transition.  But the Land is blooming, homes and businesses are being built, traffic is growing (ugh), and yes – Torah is flourishing. 

It’s Israel Independence Day, and UNESCO has declared that Jerusalem has nothing to do with the Jewish people.  We declare UNESCO has nothing to do with history, intelligence, or value.  “Those who bless you shall be blessed, those who curse you…”.  May Hashem deal with UNESCO in kind.

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   by Reb Gutman Locks



Dalya Asks;

     Hey, hope all is well. I saw your post about smoking and wanted to ask you about quitting. 

     I don't trust myself with quitting but I do want to be free of it but at the same time it's what I do when I need to "breathe" and deal with stress.

     Anyway, I guess I just wanted to hear what you have to say about smoking


Gutman Replies;


    Did you see this?

What's Wrong with Smoking?



     After five days of no smoking all of the addictive chemicals are completely gone from the body…. The ONLY attraction left after that is emotional.

     When you stop and think what smoking costs you will probably throw it away and never pick it up again. For instance, besides the 10 years of your life that smoking kills, smoking gives you poorer quality of health throughout your life. You also have all those loved ones you harmed by having them breathe your 2nd hand smoke, or even the foul smell on your face. It always surprises me to see women who spend so much time and money on face care products trying to look nice and then put that foul smell into their mouth and lungs! The cigarette smoke causes facial skin dryness, wrinkles and premature aging!

     Any time you want to stop just think how harmful that stuff is and then stop. G-d gave every one of us freewill and we can do whatever we want. It is entirely up to you.

     As for relaxation, whenever you feel tense, follow the feeling of the air moving in and out of your nose as you breathe. As your mind goes off that feeling gently return it to feeling the air passing in and out of your nose. Do that for just a minute or two and you will feel completely relaxed.

    Stay healthy.

    Let me know how you do.

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