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Monday, March 25, 2019

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Boom, can't be a war crime, just a Jewish baby

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

At 5:00 AM this morning, missile alert sirens went off in central Israel.

It's hard to be woken out of a sound sleep, gather up the babies and grandma, and make it to the bomb shelter in time to avoid getting blown up.

This family didn't make it.

The babies are in the hospital, the little girl is in surgery.  Grandma is in recovery.  HIT BY A MISSILE.

By even the most remote definition, this is a war crime.  A missile was fired at a civilian neighborhood - an indiscriminate attempt at the murder of Jewish women and children...and babies.  Almost succeeded.

We await the International Criminal Court's investigation.  We await the U.N. Security Council denouncement, and U.N. motion against the indiscriminate attempted killing of Jews.  HA HA HA HA HA, just kidding - we know better by now.

We know we have no one to rely upon accept Our Father in Heaven.  But my Liberal brethren, those who strive for human rights of all... wake up and pay attention to human rights for your own.  Attempted mass murder of Jewish civilians is not ok.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

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Read It - When they Come for the Jews

Outtakes from 

When They Come for the Jews, They Won't Ask Questions

(Some people are starting to get it... open blatant anti-semitism has "suddenly" sprung into the open in the United States.  Sitting around saying "it can't happen here" when it's already winding up is...historically foolish.)

...recently, a Belgian parade featured a float of grotesquely distorted Orthodox Jews in religious garb, perched on bags of money, à la the art of Nazi Julius Streicher.  What makes this sickening display even more alarming is the official sanction given to it by the Mayor of Aalst, Christoph D'Haese, who stated, "It's not up to the mayor to forbid such displays" and that the carnival participants had "no sinister intentions."  No sinister intentions?  ...

(The U.S.) has it's own anti-Semitic scandal with newly elected congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D), a Somalian hijab-wearing Muslim who tweets anti-Semitic tropes "without sinister intentions" or retractions.  Democrat leadership won't condemn, censure, or remove her from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, leftist Jews have defended her, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi excused her inadvertent offense...

Slowly, surely, irrevocably, methodically, step by step, the constraints are removed from the unacceptable — adjusting the population to the various forms of anti-Semitism, from rhetoric to parade floats to refusing to seriously address the issue, defending the perpetrators such as Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan, who called Jews "termites" to leftist media silence.  Anti-Semitism is becoming mainstream...

American Jews seem oblivious to the tsunami of anti-Semitism engulfing Europe and poised to take America with the same intensity.  "We are safe here."  "We are a civilized, cultured country with laws that protect us."  So are Britain and France.  So was Germany during the 1920s and early '30s, when it was regarded the most advanced scientifically, culturally, and artistically ...  German Jews were patriots; 100,000-plus served in the German army during WWI, 30,000 decorated for bravery, yet also murdered in gas chambers.
...the uninformed American Jews embrace their ancestral ideology — a combined Progressivism, ultra-liberalism, neo-Marxism, and the Jewish "tikkun olam."  They ardently believe that the main threat to Jews today comes from the neo-Nazis and the KKK.  While it is true that these groups exist, they constitute only a small percentage of the population... They ignore the real threat today that comes from an unholy red-green alliance — the Marxist left and Islam.  
Using identity politics, victimhood, social justice, racism, anti-Zionism, and anti-Semitism, the radical left seeks power and control.  The new doctrine of "intersectionality" allows leftists to affiliate with other groups they perceive as "oppressed."  This is why you see anti-Israel and anti-Semitic signs displayed by just about every radical-left group at demonstrations throughout the country.  Therefore, Ferguson, Missouri activists' placards read, "From Ferguson to Gaza, the struggle continues."  The vast majority of American Jews who accepted these policies are unable or unwilling to comprehend that their Progressive, liberal, neo-Marxist ideology now seeks to destroy the Jewish state and the Jewish people.  

...before they (American Jews) bury their heads in the sand once again, they should at least hear these simple truths.  When our enemies came for us during the Holocaust, they did not ask if we were Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or secular Jews.  Neither were they interested in any past service we rendered for the state (or secular culture).  We were Jews.  That was all that mattered.  If history repeats itself, when our enemies come for us once again, they will not ask if we are Israelis or Zionists.  They will not care if we marched in Selma, Alabama; protested against apartheid in South Africa; supported equal rights for women; advocated for the LBGTQ community; and campaigned for Hillary or Bernie.  It will matter that we are Jews.
Today's anti-Semitism, unleashed by the Left and Islamists, is so visceral, virulent, vile, vicious, and vitriolic that it can no longer be justified under the guise of anti-Zionism.  In form, content, and message, it is exactly what was seen and heard during the heyday of the Third Reich.  It is what made the Holocaust possible.
Read the whole thing.  AND WAKE UP, contact your represententative over EVERY anti-semitic public action in the U.S.  Send your political dollars to those who support you, not those who hate you but are more politically correct, woke, or intersectional.

And of course, consider how to keep safe and consider ISRAEL.
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Is the World Real

by Reb Gutman Locks


Thursday, March 21, 2019

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On Purim, I prefer none

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

On Purim, I prefer none...

Sometimes I prefer none pink.

...spotted in a local liquor store in Israel before Purim.  This is NOT an endorsement for the product.

IMPORTANT KOSHER NOTE - MOST BLUE NUN wines are NOT KOSHER, even in Israel.  It must be labeled kosher.

IMPORTANT KOSHER NOTE 2 - The Kosher edition of Blue Nun is certified by Triangle-K, a US based kosher certification authority that, while orthodox, is controversial within the orthodox kosher-keeping community and not considered an acceptable authority by many (more info on that can be found here.)

Therefore, while weird seeing a wine titled Blue Nun labeled kosher, I do not trust that it meets the stringent kosher standards that my community keeps.  And if one is looking for an excellent Gewurtztraminer at the highest kosher standards, check this link for alternatives.

 Happy Purim!
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Why do we hide our face on Purim?

by Aharon Rubin at Mystical Paths

Why do we hide our faces on Purim?

Providence has arranged that Purim is 30 days before the 14th of Nissan, the day the Torah describes as the beginning of Pesach, the day we clear out all chomets. Halochoh states that 30 days before a festival, we start learning about that festival. Thus, the Chasidic Masters understood that the light of the festival starts 30 days beforehand.

The rabbis teach that chomets signifies the yetser hora, our 'shadow' side. The yetser hora is symbolised by Amolek. On a certain level, removing the chomets before Pesach is connected with the removal of evil before the revelation of G-d's Glory at the time of Moshiach.

(The words of the first mishnoh in Pesochim אור לארבעה עשר בודקין את החמץ לאור הנר - 'the night of the 14th we seek out leaven by the light of the lamp' is gematriah the first posuq in the parshah about the elimination of Amoleq: זכור את אשר עשה לך עמלק - 'Remember that which Amoleq did to you'.)

Thus, 30 days beforehand, we are engaged with the wiping out of Amolek. The 3 main elements or characteristics of Amoleik are: cruelness, brazenness and stinginess. These stand in direct contrast to the 3 innate characteristics of Yisroel: merciful, shamefaced, giving kindnesses. Thus on Purim, we perform 3 mitsvoth, corresponding to these 3 traits:

We give food presents and alms to whoever asks (giving kindnesses) and we hear the Megiloh. The Megiloh (according to the kabbalah) is the element of Torah, which corresponds to mercifulness. 

What about the third trait - modest and shamefaced? This is a reason why we dress up, putting on masks, to hide our face - the opposite of brazen-faced. 

By engaging in these 3 traits, to be merciful, shame-faced and giving kindness, we eradicate any of the other 3 traits we may have: cruelty [to anything or anyone except wicked people], brazenness and stinginess. 

Through this, we wipe out Amolek.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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by Aharon Rubin at Mystical Paths


Purim is the time to connect with the Hidden Light of creation, the light of Ein Sof, the Divinity that lies concealed beneath the veils of materiality. This is alluded to in an acronym of ְמגלת אסתר Megillath Esther (the Scroll of Esther that is read on Purim). The letters, מגלה megilloh ‘scroll’, also spell מגלה megaleh –‘to reveal’. Thus, in a play on words, ְMegilath Esther is seen by the Chassidic Masters as making: - ְמגלת א' סתר megillath alef sether – ‘revelation of the hidden Alef(or Aluf), i.e., the ‘revelation of G-d, the concealed One’. As Yishayo said (45:15), ‘You are surely G-d Who conceals Himself’. He is One within the hiddenness.
The revelation of G-d in the deep darkness is the light of Moshiach: הוי"ה בחשך Havayoh bachoshech ‘G-d in darkness’ is gematrioh ‘Moshiach’. This hidden Light was revealed in the story of Purim as G-d was seen to work through hap-chance lotteries and seemingly unrelated events: – נחש nochosh snake, or nichush divination – is gematriah מקרה אחד miqro echod ‘happening of [the] one’, which is gematrioh ‘Moshiach’.
אור גנוז א-להים ohr gonuz Eloqim‘G-d's hidden light’ is gematriah ‘Moshiach’. This is the light secreted within the Megilloh and in the festival of Purim. This holy light is revealed again, each year, through the reading of the Megilloh and through performing the associated mitsvoth of joy in giving to others: מצות מגלה mitsvoth megiloh ‘the mitsvoth of the megiloh’ is gematriah גלוי אור משיח giluy ohr moshiach ‘revelation of the light of Moshiach’.
This is the secret of the custom of drinking (a little more than usual), as the Talmud (Eiruvin 65a) says, ‘Wine comes in, the secret leaves’. The ‘secret’ is the Hidden Light of the Master of the world. רז roz - ‘secret’ is gematriah: אור ohr – ‘light’, gematriah: ֲאדון עולם Adon olom – Master of the universe, which is gematriah: ֵאין סוף Ein Sof – the Infinite One!
The core emotions of Chanukoh and Purim are enduring faith and gratitude, the inner energies of the two sefiroth: netsach and hod. Faith and gratitude brings down the light of prophecy, which is the Light of Moshiach. This light is revealed by the menorah on Chanukoh and the mitsvoth on Purim: חנוכה פורים Chanukoh Purim is gematrioh משיח בן דוד Moshiach ben Dovid.
First, attend most carefully to the two readings of the Megilloh, night and day. Realise that whatever is being read is happening now in the spiritual worlds. Next, when you give gifts, see yourself as an extension of the Al-mighty. Lose yourself in the giving! Be grateful to G-d, and to the receiver, for affording you the opportunity of giving.
If you drink wine, take care not to get drunk. Rather, the kabbalists advise that we allow ourselves to become ‘sweetened’. Our intent is to lose the false, outer façade and to let the inner truth, our yearnings for G-d and redemption of the Shechinoh, come to the surface.


From Eye to the Infinite 
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Getting Drunk on Purim

   by Reb Gutman Locks   

     Getting Drunk on Purim


     On Purim we have two customs that we do not have on any other day of the year; we wear costumes and the men get drunk. What do these customs have to do with the Holiday of Purim? Can getting drunk have a spiritual purpose?

Getting Drunk on Purim

(video link)



Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Democrats Against Circumcision

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

I guess we shouldn't be surprised that the anti-liberal anti-freedom and anti-religion candidates of this generation should pop up against circumcision.  But in the U.S., I'm shocked.  But will we rise up and make a big deal about candidates who want to restrict our parental and religious rights and choices?

"He’s taking a strong public stance against circumcision. The Democratic candidate revealed in a little-noticed tweet last week that he was against the ritualized practice of cutting a newborn’s foreskin. But in an interview with The Daily Beast, he said that if he were elected he would incorporate that view into public policy, mainly by pushing initiatives meant to inform parents that they don’t need to have their infants circumcised for health reasons. “It’s sort of pushed on parents in many situations,” Yang said, describing pressure to circumcise a child as a “cultural onus” imposed on families."

...because following your successful national culture and your successful religion is bad.

Andrew, keep your hands off my children's zayin.


   by Reb Gutman Locks   


     A response to my reply to a class's question on same sex relationships.

     The young student wrote: "It was very interesting to hear what he had to say about homosexuality. Normally, if a guest speaker has to touch on the subject of homosexuality, they are either supportive of it or they try to respectfully explain that it is not technically considered acceptable in their religion. This speaker (Gutman), however did not pull punches when he answered questions about homosexuality. He said that it was a disease and talked about how the Torah says that homosexuality was a capital offense. I had never heard such extreme opinions being expressed without any concern for politeness or finesse. It was very memorable."


My Response:

     Besides terrorism, homosexuality is the one of the greatest problems in the world today. What is so wrong with it now is that it is becoming acceptable by the main streams of society. One of the Seven Commandments of Noah forbids all mankind from such behavior.

    Today, the wonderful path of the Righteous Gentile, the Children of Noah, holds the hope for the gentiles of the world. It is a vibrant growing movement, but if homosexuality becomes accepted, the Seven Commandments will be rejected.

     I put tefillin on a young man at the Kotel the other day, and as usual I told him to marry only a Jewish girl … and he left. A few minutes later he returned and said, "I won't see you again so I can ask you this question. What if I tell you that I do not want to marry a Jewish girl, that I want to marry a man?"

     I said, "Homosexuality is a disease. Jewish mysticism teaches that a man wasting his seed is worse than a murderer. A murderer kills someone else's children. The man wasting his seed is killing his own. Hashem gave us that tool to make children."

     He said, "We can have families."

     I said, "Those are not your children. They are the children of the ones who gave them their lives."

     He said, "Well, we will have to agree that we disagree on this."

     I said, "You are not disagreeing with me. You are disagreeing with G-d."

     He walked away.

     Thousands of years ago the most fertile land in Israel was the area around the city of Sodom. It was so rich that Avraham's nephew Lot chose to live there despite the evil reputation of its inhabitants. A few years after Lot went there Hashem destroyed that fertile land, its cities and its sea. Hashem turned it into a barren land, its water was turned into salt. To this day it is barren. Its lake became the Salt Sea… the Dead Sea.    

     What were their horrible sins? The most obvious one is that the world's word for homosexual acts was given their name. Sodom's name to this day refers to sexual acts that cannot bring children into the world.

     Hashem wants us to be fruitful… to make families, not to have mere animal relationships.



Monday, March 18, 2019

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Jews should "just" be subjugated?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

I've been watching some Youtube videos about people exploring their ancestry via genetic testing with 23andme and (I think it was) ancestry.com.  The idea being that certain physical regions have people with some specific genes, so if you have any of those genes - even in recessive (meaning, for example, you have a gene for red hair even though you have brown hair), that you have an ancestor from that area.

The videos took an interesting turn as people seemed to have moved on from using it to learn about their genetic history to using it to confirm their cultural heritage - which is often out of alignment with their genetic history.

For example, in the video which I clipped from below, this woman is apparently an arab muslim raised in the US who assumes her background is, naturally, arab.  What she found out in her results is that she is 0% arab, rather she comes from an area that was subjugated and forcefully indoctrinated into islam.

She was rather stunned to realize that her genetic history does not line up with her cultural expectations.  But that said, she was quick to point out that the subjugation was good, and as long as muslims control everything it's a-ok to be something else.

Zionists, naturally, are evil because they refuse to be controlled by muslims.

For almost 10 years I wrote on this blog that Jews are the canary in the coal mine, the first targets.  But they are NEVER the last or only targets.  It all moved into the open much quicker than I expected.  May Hashem protect us all... but sitting around quietly is definitely not the answer!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

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Lost & Found

    by Reb Gutman Locks   
       Lost & Found


    He and his sons were visiting Israel from New York. When I asked him to put on tefillin he refused. He shook his head saying he was not going to do it and he moved away from me. Then he pointed to his younger son and said, It's his Bar Mitzvah. It felt more like, 'Get him instead of me.'

     I asked if his mother is Jewish.

    The father said, "Of course she is."

    I had the father bless his son, and to add what he wanted for him. Then I put tefillin on the boy.    

     The other son walked over, and I had the father bless him, and I put tefillin on the boy. The father walked away to stand by his tour guide looking for help to avoid putting on tefillin. I tried to get him to cooperate, but he refused again.

     I said, "If you want the boys to marry Jewish girls then you have to do Jewish things with them. If they see you running away from Jewish things they are going to run away too. He refused.

     Again I said, "If you want your boys to have Jewish families, you cannot run away from doing Jewish things with them. I pulled his arm and he gave in.

     They read the Shema in English and I walked them over to the Kotel and explained that fulfilling a commandment, especially at the Kotel, opens a spiritual opportunity. I showed them how to pray for their family, and for the Jews in danger… and to say thank You to Hashem. They stood close to the Kotel praying silently for a long time. After their personal prayers they took a lot of pictures. They were smiling, really enjoying the mitzvah.   

     When they came back, I explained to the boys why they had to marry only a girl whose mother is Jewish. I asked the father if it was a positive experience. He said, "Thank you very much. It was good."

     It is so important to help Jews to understand why they must live Jewish lives. Today the reports say that the vast majority of non-religious Jews in America do not even identify themselves as being Jews! Four thousand years of Jewish families surviving… only to be lost because of indifference.

     We are obligated to return a lost object to its owner. Bring a Jew home for Shabbos dinner. You could be saving a precious family.  



Saturday, March 16, 2019

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Where's the Condemnation when it's Jews?

by Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths

Shavua Tov - a good week and happy getting ready for Purim time!

Like everyone else (we hope), we condemn the Friday mass murder terrorist attack of islamic worshipers in New Zealand.  It would seem pretty straight forward...if people are peaceably going about their own business or own forms of worship, there's no justification for murder.

Similarly, on Thursday two large missiles were fired at Tel Aviv from the Arabs of Gaza (aka Hamas)... a direct attempted murder of my daughter (who was working in Tel Aviv at the time).  Fortunately this attempted mass murder failed by the luck of bad targeting.

While world leaders and social commentators around the world have rushed to rightly condemn the horrific act of mass murder of worshippers in New Zealand, we see no condemnations - or for that matter even news reports, of the attempted mass murder of Jews in Tel Aviv peaceably going about their lives, work, and worship.

Is it ok now to attack and demonize Jews?  See the picture below and answer.


Friday, March 15, 2019

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For those who read via web browser, we've dropped all ads.  With ad blockers and many switching to mobile reading, they were only earning a few pennies a month - not worth the space they were taking up.

To replace it, we will be adding a Patreon option for an easy "support the site" ability in the near future.

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Thanks for reading!  And thanks to Reb Gutman for keeping active content being posted.  G-d willing, we'll be adding more as well soon.

And a great Shabbat Shalom from the Holy Land, Eretz Israel, G-d's gift to the Jewish people.


Thursday, March 14, 2019

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Science Changes its Mind…. Again

   by Reb Gutman Locks   


     According to science, Neanderthals are our ancestors. Scientists have always depicted them as hairy, stooped, looking half way between humans and gorillas. Their description certainly seemed to contradict the Torah's story of creation of man. The first man was definitely not created looking like a gorilla, hairy and stooped.

     But now science has changed its mind again, or as they like to say, they have updated their understanding of the "facts".

     Science does this every few years or so and is applauded for enlightening us. While the Torah has not changed even a single letter, not once in 4000 years.

    What this really means is that they now contradict their previous opinions, yet no one throws away science when they admit to their mistakes.

     "After more than a century of alternative views, a new study has reconfirmed that Neanderthals walked fully upright with a posture not unlike our own. They weren't hunched after all."

    The longer we go, the closer science comes to what the Torah has always said.



Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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Holy Temple Myth Busters: (May one) Ascend the Temple Mount

An interesting video from the Temple Mount Institute discussing their (Jewish law) positions on why it is permitted to ascend Har HaBayit (the Temple Mount).

I should note that most modern commentators write that current Jewish law authorities generally say it is not permitted (notice how carefully I wrote that).  That said, it definitely is becoming more popular to do so.

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